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Participation, a legacy from social Gaullism

In French political tradition,social Gaullism is one of the major unfinished projects. Based on employee participation in the development of the company,it aimed to reconcile labor and capital,and although it was only ever partially applied,it has left an undeniably solid and lasting legacy.

Although nowadays its most influential heirs are to be found on the right (François Fillon,Henri Guaino,etc),historically social Gaullism was neither a left- nor right-wing notion,and without Louis Vallon,a leading figure in the International Workers movement,it may never have come into being.

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For a pacifist approach to profit sharing

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History of profit sharing? – A call for a pacifist approach to social relations

Profit sharing is not an altogether new concept. For years,economists and entrepreneurs have been seeking the ideal structure for a company. They are continually looking to improve the contractual links that bind the various stakeholders to the company project. Companies have always strived to make the best use of the value that they create,to reward the resources upon which they depend,both in the capital and labor markets.

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Profit sharing and/or shareholder employees?

A leading company director recently published an enlightened view on the theme of profit sharing. In newspaper La Tribune dated 17 March,Xavier Fontanet,the chairman of Essilor,responded to the question “Added value or shareholder employees?” This article at times takes the form of an argument against Nicolas Sarkozy’s “three thirds” proposal. But the author does not limit himself to a mere critique and proposes an alternative which he has tried with success in his own company.

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