HR – WorK is K

In any companies, value creation comes with the question of sharing profit between contributors.

If you are a

  • company director
  • manager of an operational division
  • head of human resources
  • partner in any kind of firm

and you want to

  • optimize your remuneration policy with the aim
    • of motivating your workforce and
    • attracting fresh talent,
  • optimize your yield on shareholders’ equity with the aim
    • of remunerating invested capital and
    • increasing your capacity to finance your development,
  • focus energy around your company’s project,

Esteban consulting offers you a range of services dedicated to the efficient and economical achievement of your objectives.

Services dedicated to the optimization of profit sharing

The range of services that WorK is K offers has been designed to allow selective application along with progressive implementation. The services are grouped into main themes:

  • Audit of the remuneration system
  • Calculating the optimal remuneration of human capital
    • Stakeholders alignment of interests
    • Financial tools selection : salary, bonus, employee share plan, stock-options ;
    • Definition of necessary migration and change management. 
  • Interaction with finance department
    • Analysis of financial consequences (labour cost, impact on net income statement…)
    • Payment in cash vs shares
  • Implementation and change management
    • Support for HR department – solution specific tools integration,
    • Support for internal communication to directors and employees,
    • Support for for communication.

Adaptable for the specific needs of each company,the implementation of WorK is K is simple,progressive,reversible and transparent.

Every company that makes profit has to share it one way or the other. We invite you to make such profit sharing as efficient as possible in terms of economical performance and business sustainability.