Esteban consulting

Esteban Consulting develops and implements solutions linked to the heart of corporate firms.

Our activities are focused on theme we acquired competences and experience about :

  • Human Resources : financial incentives for employees and directors
    • Performance bonus, profit sharing, employee share plan, stock-options.
  • Merger and Aquisition : due diligence and transaction support
    • business economic analysis, accounts review, business plan modeling, pricing, debt and equity structuring, legal drafting support.
  • Corporate finance : risk management, financial structure optimisation
    • asset and liability management, income statement hedging.
  • Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility : sustainable development policy, philanthrocapitalism.

Choices made by managers regarding corporate governance, business organisation, new business financing, and compensation and benefit for employees and directors have a permanent impact on daily business. Therefore at Esteban, we implement simple, robust proven and adaptable solutions. 

Esteban consulting : the shortest way from idea to results

Today managing a business means observation, forecast, decision, implementation, reporting, control, correction and adaptation.

We assist our client from project definition to results reporting. By shortening the cycle from decision to results reporting, we ensure our clients remain able to adapt their activity to the continuously evolving business environment.



The Esteban Conseils company is founded by Etienne Rosenstiehl.

Graduated in agronomy and economy, he capitalises on a 20-year experience in capital market and corporate finance. As service provider (investment banks), he has been an advisor large French Groups and as private equity investor in a family office, he was involved in middle size company management.

He has been approved by FSA and US regulators as board member of different financial institutions.